Contextual Intelligence 360

for Product Launch

Life sciences companies invest billions in bringing new products to market, yet a staggering one in three fail to make their mark. The difference between success and failure often boils down to two factors: accurately identifying key market influencers and efficiently advancing them up the adoption ladder.

WEBINAR | Optimizing Product Launch with Contextual Intelligence

During the high-stakes product launch period, Aktana has helped organizations achieve:

  • 14% Faster Sales Growth 
  • 36% Higher Sales 
  • 22% Greater Operational Efficiency 

Fill out the form to access our on-demand webinar. Aisha Fiagan, Aktana's Customer Relationship Director, walks through creating greater market impact and stronger customer relationships from pre-launch through post-launch.

We'll also send you our framework for product launch excellence, and case studies on how other pharma companies improved sales growth by 14% and accelerated target attainment during their own critical product launches.


AI-driven Suggestions and Insights give medical and commercial teams power to make data-driven decisions during a period when focus and agility are paramount. By optimizing interactions with key stakeholders and providing visibility across teams, Aktana helps life sciences companies better understand the market, enable more effective commercial strategies, and maximize ROI throughout the product launch process.